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Tax Debt Can Be Included in a Tucson Chapter 13infographic: Tucson's best bankruptcy attorney

Tucson Chapter 13 bankruptcy is also helpful for taxes.  In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a consumer cannot include their tax debts. But, Chapter 13 does allow a consumer to include their tax debts and gives them an additional three to five years to pay off their taxes. Also, by including tax debt in their Chapter 13 filing, a consumer can save on penalties and interest charges that they would otherwise accrue when paying off the debt themselves.
Stop Vehicle Repossessions with a Tucson Chapter 13 Bankruptcy 
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Tucson Prevents Foreclosure

Many Pima County and Arizona homeowners face losing their homes to their lenders. Chapter 13 is a way to help prevent foreclosure on a consumer’s property and gives the consumer an “automatic stay.” The court will then create a payment plan for the consumer that includes their mortgage; thus, allowing the homeowner to keep their home and avoid a foreclosure mark on their credit report.  Contact our Tucson chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney for more information about how filing a chapter 13 bankruptcy could be beneficial to you.

Stop Vehicle Repossessions with a Tucson Chapter 13 Bankruptcy 

Repossession is a fear of many people in Tucson who are behind on or can not make timely payments on their vehicle.  Consumers who are at risk for losing their vehicle can use a Tucson Chapter 13 to prevent it from being repossessed. Chapter 13 also protects the consumer from paying a large lump sum to satisfy back-owed payments on their vehicle, and the remaining balance will be included in the consumer’s repayment plan set by the court.