It’s Your Right to File Bankruptcy

It Is Your Constitutional Right To File Bankruptcy

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You were taught that part of being good and honest person is that you pay your bills – no matter what.  That’s why filing bankruptcy just seems…..wrong.  Though it may seem wrong, it really isn’t.  It is your constitutional right.  Bankruptcy is a federal program instituted to give people a second chance financially.

But here’s the thing:  bankruptcy was created not as a dishonest way to get out of paying your bills, but rather as a way to help people get back into financial shape.  In fact, Congress passed the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 1978 to enable people to get out from under the strain of overwhelming debt in order to re-enter the stream of commerce.

In other words, Congress specifically created the bankruptcy laws in order to help people get back on their feet and rejoin society.  There is no debtors prison in the United States.  And, you don’t go to jail for not paying back your creditors.  Bankruptcy is the way that the government steps in and puts an end to the argument if a debt is still owed.

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Bankruptcy is Your Constitutional Right!

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