Tucson Bankruptcy Overview

Tucson Bankruptcy Overview

The Tucson Bankruptcy law firm of the My AZ Lawyers is devoted to helping people with overwhelming amounts of debt. Debt affects millions of Americans every year. Many people believe that excessive debt is the result of over-spending on frivolous materials. However, many good people, couples, and businesses in Tucson experience debt for reasons that are out of their control, such as: an unexpected job loss, sudden illness, divorce, a death in the family, a natural disaster, or other family emergency and need.  If you have struggled through any of the aforementioned situation or currently find yourself strapped with too much debt, you don’t need to suffer any longer. The Tucson bankruptcy law office of My AZ Lawyers can help you manage your finances and alleviate your debt.

The two main types of debt relief available for consumers are known as Chapter 7 Bankruptcy (liquidation) and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy (wage earner reorganization). Additional debt relief are available under Chapter 9 (reorganization of a municipality); Chapter 11 (business reorganization); and Chapter 12 (family farmer reorganization).

Providing clients with solutions to their debt problems is one of our goals of our Tucson, AZ bankruptcy debt relief experts.  With years of committed legal advocacy to our clients, our dedicated bankruptcy lawyers in Tucson will work closely with you to develop the best legal strategy to get you out of debt and once again on the road to financial freedom. Don’t you deserve a “Fresh Start”?  Take the necessary steps to begin taking control of your life by contacting our office today.  Free Consultations available as soon as today (Free Consults offered in our office or via telephone.)  Call now! (520) 307-0020

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