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Stop foreclosures. Stop collections. Protect your assets and interests to get a fresh financial start!

The legal remedy of bankruptcy can stop foreclosures and the collections and calls from creditors. We also work with individuals and businesses to keep you out of trouble with important business and residential real estate transactions.

Our Ohio bankruptcy lawyers assist clients in the following legal matters:

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The legal remedy of bankruptcy can stop foreclosures and the collections and calls from creditors. We also work with individuals and businesses to keep you out of trouble with important business and residential real estate transactions. – See more at: http://www.bankruptcylawtoledo.com/#sthash.oZhefifv.dpuf

Our Bankruptcy Lawyers in Tucson 

Helping Pima County Debtors Eliminate Debt Through Bankruptcy. $0 Down Tucson Bankruptcy Attorneys

Tucson Bankruptcy Lawyers in Arizona.  Our Affordable Tucson Bankruptcy Attorneys provide free consultations for anyone seeking debt relief in Tucson, Pima County, and surrounding communities.  Speak with one of our experienced bankruptcy lawyers today.Infographic: choose Tucson Bankruptcy Attorneys

Tucson residents want the best legal representation in Arizona. Reasons our clients choose our experienced bankruptcy and debt relief law firm:

  • Our Initial consultation is absolutely free.
  • We offer payment plans for EVERY budget.
  • You will be debt free after eliminating or reducing debt.
  • Experience: We have filed thousands of bankruptcies for residents in Arizona.
  • We thoroughly know the bankruptcy law and the process that wipe out debt.
  • Our rates make filing for bankruptcy affordable.
  • We have flexible hours for scheduling

We offer the small law firm care and attention coupled with the experience as a well established and respected law firm.

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One way to stop a foreclosure sale:  file a bankruptcy petition.  An automatic stay goes in to effect immediately upon filing bankruptcy in Tucson.  This automatic stay is a protection provided by bankruptcy code that prevents any debt collection activity — including foreclosure sales. Bankruptcy, therefore, this is one of the most effective forms of foreclosure assistance in Arizona.

A foreclosure can have a major affect on a family. Also,  individuals may face foreclosure because they are unable to resume making regular payments.  Missing mortgage payments leads to penalties one can not afford.  Next, the vicious cycle of playing “Catch up” starts.

Tucson residents who experience temporary financial setbacks stemming from a medical situation, job loss, divorce, or other economic factor, may fall behind on mortgage payments. If you are facing a foreclosure because of a temporary financial setbacks, filing bankruptcy may get you the debt relief you need.

At the Tucson bankruptcy law office of the My AZ Lawyers our dedicated bankruptcy lawyers and staff provide an informal and welcoming atmosphere, as our legal team want you to feel comfortable and at ease while working out solutions for difficult issues that you may be facing.  Many of our clients are facing foreclosure, repossessions, and wage garnishments. We offer first class legal representation for an affordable fee, and we pride ourselves on successfully guiding our clients through such a difficult period in their lives.


Many people in Tucson, Pima County, and throughout Arizona file for both chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy protection.  Some of the reasons that people have to declare bankruptcy include:  medical bills, divorce, loss of a job or income, overwhelming credit card debt, or being upside down on a mortgage or vehicle.  If you are struggling to keep up with your debts and find yourself spending your days and nights worrying about money, you should seek the assistance of a Tucson debt relief expert.  An experienced bankruptcy lawyer can tell you the real story and give you the facts.  Don’t let bankruptcy myths prevent you from making a decision that could significantly improve your quality of life.  Don’t you deserve a “fresh start”?  Contact Tucson Bankruptcy Lawyers right away and find out if filing for bankruptcy protection in Tucson is the right choice for you.

Infographic about Arizona bankruptcy

Cost of Filing Bankruptcy in Tucson

Our costs for filing bankruptcy can’t be beat.  We offer the most client-friendly payment plans available.  Check out the un-matched rates for filing bankruptcy with our Tucson bankruptcy lawyers.

*** We can file your Tucson Chapter 7 case for $0 in legal fees before filing.

*** We can file your Tucson Chapter 13 case for as low as $200 in legal fees before filing.

There is no gimmick here!  This simply works like this:  We review your situation, give you a detailed recommendation, then offer you a payment arrangement that will work ideally for your financial situation.

When we say $0 down, that is exactly what it means.  No money out of your pocket and you get financial relief.  Also, zero dollars to make the phone stop ringing with creditor harassment.  Plus, zero dollars to stop a wage garnishments that could financially cripple you.

There are so many people in Tucson and Pima County who are desperate to get out of debt and desperate for the creditor harassment to stop.  These people would love to file for bankruptcy and get a fresh start.  However, they are unable to get the up-front costs together so they can file for bankruptcy.

In an attempt to help out these people we decided that we could help and make it easier to get the means together to file for bankruptcy protection.  We simply lowered the amount necessary to file bankruptcy and everyone is benefiting from our $0 Down to file bankruptcy.


Chapter 7 is the most popular of the bankruptcy chapters.  We can, in most cases, file your chapter 7 bankruptcy for $0 in legal fees (you only pay the $335 bankruptcy court filing fee to the bankruptcy court) AFTER filing, you will make low monthly payments that you can afford for the post-filing work.


Chapter 13 cases through most firms will cost you a pretty penny.  Our Tucson bankruptcy attorneys can file your case for just $200 in legal fees. Additionally, (you also pay $310 bankruptcy court filing fee)

In a Tucson Chapter 13, the remainder of the lawyer costs can usually be paid through your Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan.  In a chapter 13 bankruptcy, you usually make monthly payments in your chapter 13 plan.  Payments may be as low as $100 per month depending on your assets and expenses. 

If you qualify for our $0 down program, you quickly get the help you desperately need immediately.  Call us now and get set up for a free consultation with one of our Tucson debt relief attorneys.  There is no risk, you get to talk to us for free and get professional advice about your financial situation.


About Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, ArizonaTucson Bankruptcy Attorneys is a heavily populated area.  Arizona’s 2nd largest city is made up of people from many different backgrounds who are faced with many different financial problems.

There are many Tucson bankruptcy attorneys who can assist you with your current Tucson financial situation.  Seek the assistance of Tucson Bankruptcy Attorneys and Bankruptcy Lawyers in Tucson, Arizona.

The 32nd largest city in the United States and the 2nd most populated city in Arizona, Tucson is estimated that the city has a large population of about 548,555.  Tucson is one third the size of Phoenix, and not as surrounded by populated cities like the Phoenix metro area.  The economy has caused many people to lose their jobs which set off an era of people who could no longer make payments on their debts.

The Tucson bankruptcy attorneys from My AZ Lawyers will be more than happy to provide any individual, couple, or business in Tucson and Pima County the proper information about debt relief and bankruptcy.  Additionally, each bankruptcy case differs and that is why you need to make an appointment with My AZ Lawyers for a FREE consultation.  We also offer free consultations either in our office located at 2 East Congress Street in downtown Tucson, Arizona.

When you converse with a bankruptcy lawyer in person or by phone, they are able to give you advice that is geared to your particular needs.  Many of the Tucson bankruptcy attorneys will offer you free consultations.  Find a Tucson bankruptcy lawyer that you are comfortable working.

Tucson Bankruptcy Laws

There are certain rules geared to the bankruptcy laws in Arizona.  These laws do not necessarily mean that you won’t fit into one of the bankruptcy chapters.  A bankruptcy lawyer in Tucson, Arizona knows the laws for both the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy requirements in your area.  It is always a good idea to retain an experienced bankruptcy lawyer when considering declaring bankruptcy in Tucson, Arizona.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy completely wipes away your debt and allows you to become completely debt free.  In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy you will have to pay back a small percentage of your debt.  We realize that there are many things that a person filing bankruptcy in Tucson, AZ might want to ask their Tucson bankruptcy Attorney. Tucson Bankruptcy Attorneys, FREE Case EvaluationEverybody has a different situation with their property, family, and finances. That is why you use the services of a Tucson bankruptcy attorney located right in Tucson and not try to file the bankruptcy in court yourself. 

Filing Bankruptcy on Your Own

It is true that you can get the paper work and file bankruptcy for yourself.  It is not recommended.  In order to make sure that you are properly covered with all your debts, you should seek assistance.  Hiring a Tucson bankruptcy lawyer will limit future problems.  Not initially hiring an attorney could end up costing you more in the long run.  Bankruptcy mistakes are very common with people filing for bankruptcy on their own.

My AZ Lawyers offer trusted bankruptcy attorneys for individuals, couples, families, and businesses in Tucson for an affordable fee.  Call our Tucson bankruptcy attorneys now for a free consultation.  (FREE consultations can either be in office or by phone — Your Choice!)

10 Bankruptcy Filing Mistakes You Should Avoid:

Bankruptcy Mistake One

You are limited to the amount of money you can have in your bank account on the day that you file for bankruptcy in Tucson and Pima County, Arizona.  Make sure that you don’t have more than about $100 in your bank account (or other liquid assets, such as stocks or mutual funds).  

Bankruptcy Mistake Two

Though we understand you won’t always know, a good rule of thumb is to not declare bankruptcy if you are are anticipating an inheritance within the next year.

Bankruptcy Mistake Three

Do not transfer any assets out of your name prior to filing bankruptcy in Tucson.

Bankruptcy Mistake Number Four

You should always listen to the advice given to you from your Tucson bankruptcy lawyer.  Sometimes a bankruptcy filing can become tricky.  It is better to be safe and follow the instructions of an experienced Tucson debt relief lawyer than to be sorry and screw something up with your bankruptcy filing.

Bankruptcy Mistake Number Five

Do not transfer any assets out of your name prior to filing bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Mistake Six

If you pay any unsecured creditor more than $600 in the 90 days before declaring bankruptcy, there is a possibility that your action will be scrutinized by the bankruptcy trustee.  It is best to simply not pay your unsecured creditors prior to your BK filing .

Bankruptcy Mistake Seven

If you are planning on selling or if you need to sell real estate in the near future.  Do NOT file for bankruptcy as there is a good chance the bankruptcy trustee may scrutinize your endeavor. 

Bankruptcy Mistake Eight

If you file for bankruptcy protection in Tucson and another party owes you money, there is a real possibility that the bankruptcy court will collect that money and use it to pay your creditors. 

Bankruptcy Mistake Nine

Do not file when you are owed a substantial tax refund from the IRS or State, because the Court will take it to pay your creditors.

Bankruptcy Mistake Ten

Once you have seriously considered filing chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy, do not incur additional debt.
Filing bankruptcy in Tucson is not always as clear cut as it may seem.  Please contact an experienced debt relief attorney before proceeding.  Our Arizona bankruptcy lawyers invite you to call us and set up a free consultation.  Call our Tucson bankruptcy office at (520) 307-0020, we will get you on your way to a fresh start and a better financial future.

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